Welcome to my blog

November 22, 2016

Why am I blogging?

I just want to share my ideas, knowledge and experience with you and I hope you’ll find it interesting.

I’m a pragmatist, so I will do my best to make my posts useful but I will also touch very theoretical topics.

I don’t like very long posts myself (I think most of us just scroll down to get to the point :)), so I will try to keep them short. If I try to teach you something new I will make sure you will get a solid understanding of foundations, gradually moving towards more advanced parts of the topic.

I’m interested in distributed programming, machine (and human! :)) learning, neuromarketing, effective communication, security and data protection, Golang, DevOps, Linux, Android SDK, …loads of cool stuff I’m going share with you.

This blog is also a part of my new website which I created to move away from so called “professional network” services that turned into a wall for “2+2” puzzles and “we’re all tables” smart thoughts.

A lot of promises, but I’m not a politician, so there’s a big chance I will keep my word.
Come back to verify it :)

“we’re all tables” - if you watched “the Silicon Valley” series, you’ll understand… :)