JavaScript frameworks as browser add-ons

Performance and modularity The general tendency in the web development world is to increase reusibility of completed web projects which eventually leads into a faster delivery of new products, updates, etc. That’s what’s always been obvious to experienced programmers when desiging software (modularity, loosly coupled classes, etc) is being supported from every possible angle (tooling, frameworks, repositories, even project planning) these days. Well, it’s good :) The second important feature of web frameworks which has always been and always will be in a focus of attension is performance.

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WebSockets clients 101

Forget about frameworks for now… There’s a lot of frameworks that support WebSockets, but the purpose of every framework is to speed up the process of building products by hiding all low level details underneath, the details which I believe are important to know (=understand). You probably know that WebSockets allow you to establish real time communication between a webserver and its clients and what’s cool about it, is you can get a response without a need to request it (explicitly).

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