Running Elixir Observer on wsl2

I’ve been using linux for over 20 years but last this year I needed to install windows to play some games. I also wanted to check if I could use WSL2 to for my work…I must say it’s working better than I expected. It’s actually a serious reason people should give up OSX and switch to Windows if they want to play games and work in a real Linux environment (I must admin… Microsoft did another great tool for developers).

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Bonding wifi and ethernet interfaces

How to aggregate multiple network interfaces into a single logical interface? If you haven’t heard about network bonding - it’s a network setup that allows you to use two or more network devices to act as one interface, giving you expanded bandwidth and some redundancy. Basically you can turn a 1 GiB link into a 2 GiB link for the one virtual interface. Usually it’s used to bond ethernet devices, but let’s try to mix wifi and ethernet.

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Running Go on Android

Running indirectly… The Go Mobile project is marked as “experimental” and I guess it will take a couple of years until we’ll get some stable version. The way I’m going to show you how to run Go programs on Android is a bit tricky as it actually uses Termux which is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app. Technically we could install and run there many other languages, but let’s see how it’s getting on with Go.

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