remote work

Pair programming with vscode

I recently started using LiveShare extension to VSCode and must say it works like a charm. I’ve always been a linux user and didn’t like Microsoft for its opinion about open source but that has changed in the last years and must admit: they’re doing great job building the best IDEs for developers. Visual Studio has been always ahead of other IDEs in terms of features and developer-friendly interface. VSCode gained popularity among web developers and probably is one of the most popular IDEs these days.

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Is remote working secure for employers?

Does the place matter? Unless there’s a security guard asking you to empty your pockets, leave your mobile phone at the reception, the place does not really matter. Ask yourself these two simple questions: do you really know what other people do in the office? If you’re a manager you’re probably have your own office and if even if you don’t you probably would not stare at someone’s monitor (they will minimize the window very quickly anyway ;) ) Having your staff in the office gives you only an illusion of controlling their work.

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